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31 March 1980
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Yoooo my real name is Lourin
I'm fun out going and love to do and try any thing!! I stay real with every thing and I'm happy with who I am. I'm real laid-back and love to laugh and joke around with my friends. I'm half black and half japanese and luv ta make new friends! I luv japanese cultur and I luv music! I'm always up for doing new thing tryin new music and I always try n make everything fun!
I love fashion singing and making songs. I mostly dress in vk, punk, or j-street inspired cloths

visit my myspace if you please! =]

Much luv!~


Which female R&B artist are you?

MONICA: It's the one and only Miss Thang. You are the girl-next-door type girl who everyone wants to know. But recently, you've been through some hard times, and it's taking a while for you to get back on track. You rely on faith and your own strength to help you up 'til all is good. You're a down ass chick who stays close to home and knows where her roots lie. And shh...you know you find those thug fellas irresistible.
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