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~update on life~

ok school is about to start and i am NO WHARE near ready i go back on tuseday so i'll pobably be pretty busy for the next few days gettin ready n stuff n e way well i dident go to see my mom insted im gonna go down there to visit her around chrismas. so yea lately i've been makin songs like crazy since really i havent done ANYTHING this summer vacation so i diecided i would try to do sum stuff like draw a few master peices, wright a few next greatest stroies stories, and wright a few hit songs so far all ive done is wright songs not really in the mood for anything else lately since like everywhare i look i find insperation for a song and i jus have to right it down at that very second so yea ive been carrying my song book around lately maybe after a while the songs ive wretten i can turn into a complete story then draw a picture to go with it (which is what i ussaly do) but i really need to go to bed now to get my internal alarm clock back on track cuz all summer vacation i've been sleeping til 2pm and staying up til 6am (not doing anything like partying but jus stuff like reading litsening to music talking to friends boaring stuff like that) so yea its 3:15am right now so i'll be leaveing night night maybe tomorrow if i have time i'll upload the new kpop albums i've gotten
~much luv~



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Aug. 26th, 2007 07:36 am (UTC)
Meh, I went back to school last Tuesday. I'd say everyone's always ready for the first week...other than the early schedule. It's not like anything's ever accomplished in that time span anyways.

I know how that is, not achieving anything over the summer, anyways. I spent much of it playing on mah guitar, and only managed about two songs, and in respect towards my hobbies, those went mostly neglected. Summer is a time of waste and sleep, nothing more. Oddly enough, mine was almost four months this year, due to being pulled out of school for a month on a medical backing.
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