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*song* Tell You by Serenity

this is a song i made last night ^_^

Tell You by Serenity

Nuthin can stop these feelings,
Fallen from my heart so quick.
Maybe they cant understand the way that I hurt.
Think about the things I said,
and about the way I felt.
It was never enough from me to you.
Now its to late for me to say,
that I loved you ever since the 1st day.
Maybe if I fake a smile and say I'm okay,
You can stop hunting my memeries and leave me alone.

And I know that you will never return,
and I can never turely move on,
as long as theres somthing to remind me
of the love that you always had for me
so undenyably I can never except
that your gone from me forever.
In the end it was never enough time
to tell you my love.

As clouds fly by,
The sun soon dies.
The memeries I tryed to erasie from my mind,
come rushing back in the middle of
the night I thought I felt your hand
on my shoulder as I tryed not to cry.

Now I see you were always there for me.
Even now your here freely,
and nothin can ever change the fact,
that your love wont die.
Even if they cant believe,
I know I can feel your soul here with me,
and it wont leave,
No matter what.
Its not the end and now theres enough time
to tell you my love.


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